C. A. "CASH"

From intimate portrait to low light stage action, Cash is a native South Texan capturing Texas culture and tradition in natural settings; in available light only. After all - the eyes see available light . . . not flash! Flash lighting is rarely used or needed by this artist. Cash is foremost, a passionate low light action photographer, capturing the finest "up close and personal" stage action in the industry. Others have attempted to emulate Cash's style and technique on and off stage.

As a published photographer and graphic artist, Cash's work is  published in the Texas Music Industry with award winning artists such as Johnny Bush, Bobby Flores, Jake Hooker and Jeff Woolsey. He continues working on projects with other top-shelf and award winning artists.

Cash's photography is published by many Texas publications, most notably "Texas Monthly". His work is noted and published by Texas historians, writers, songwriters, entertainers and popular Texas music artists. One may also find his works published outside the Great State of Texas, all the way across the big pond - Europe.

Cash was both stunned and honored in recent time, when his "larger than life" stage photos of the ever popular Texas Artist Jake Hooker were posted on the largest electronic HD highway billboard in Texas - on US-59 between Victoria and Houston. The billboard displayed an advertisement for a local fund raiser show. That ad ran for 30 consecutive days!

While his work is greatly sought after among those in the music arena  that appreciate fine and detail oriented photography, it doesn't slow him down in his passion for innovation, unique approach and design. One well known artist has dubbed him the "Rembrandt of Photography". This master is steadfast in capturing expressions and personalities within the Texas country, and western swing circles.  Although a freelance photographer, he works closely with award winning production companies.

In 2017, Cash enjoyed further close association with Texas' iconic legend and beloved Johnny Bush, when the artist chose photos by Cash to grace the cover and inside of his recent album, "The Absolute Johnny Bush". That album is produced by Bill Green at BGM Studios - San Antonio, Texas. Cash is both privileged and honored to have been a Team Member with the late, Great Johnny Bush.

Cash has always felt that photography is a personal experience and that close interaction with the subject is necessary to best capture personality and emotion. Most important is that the subject be comfortable with the photographer. Cash already knows his subjects and events before every shoot, enabling him to truly capture personalities, emotions and air of the event. His subjects often end in lifetime relationships, his subjects knowing Cash is not just shooting  a "job" but, is a craftsman perfecting the art.

Contact Cash directly through his contact page for inquiries.

May Hearts Be Touched!
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